Click here to read the Spanish version at
Click here to read the Spanish version at
"This case [Rodriguez's] exemplifies the deterioration that the Rule of Law has undergone in Costa Rica, a country that thought itself immune to the abuse of due process", according to this piece published by the prestigious Diario Exterior, from Spain, on June 29th, 2007.

Logo NYTScores of innocents have been convicted in the U.S., even to the death penalty, in the last years due to the malice toward them showed by the very people trusted by the community with upholding the rule of law –prosecutors and police officers, including FBI agents. It has happened in spite of the strong safeguards provided by the U.S. criminal justice system; as illustrated by this brilliant, conclusive and unsettling Op-ed article published by The New York Times on August 2, 2007 (if registered at the NYT website, the article can be found at

We publish a short essay by former President Miguel Ángel Rodríguez untitled "Bad Faith and Errors in Criminal Judgments". It is a reflection about the lessons to be learned, for the Costa Rican circumstances, from the Op-Ed article "The Presence of Malice" ("Con mala intención"), originally divulged by The New York Times on August 2, 2007 and made public by Juicio Justo in Costa Rica:

The Tico Times, a weekly newspaper, published on September 7, 2007, a very interesting interview with former Costa Rican President Miguel Angel Rodríguez that you will find here:
El semanario "The Tico Times" publicó el 7 de setiembre de 2007 una entrevista muy interesante con el Ex Presidente de Costa Rica Miguel Ángel Rodríguez que usted encontrará seguidamente:

The title says it all. We are reproducing, with due authorization, an article published on May 6, 2008 by the newspaper A. M. Costa Rica showing very significant gaps between the version of the General Prosecutor and that of federal officials in Miami, which had not been reported before by any Costa Rican newspaper. Here is also a link to the original newspiece published by A. M. Costa Rica.

Desde la detención arbitraria e ilegal han pasado...