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- A battle to protect the Rule of Law.

Di La CaraThe press release regarding the activity surrounding the launch of Miguel Ángel Rodríguez’ new book says that: “Rodríguez’ book tells us the story of a man who decides to face the issues, who decides to say, “Here I am”, regardless of the consequences, and who, as a result, has had to run a gauntlet of misfortunes seeking a fair trial”. The complete press release follows: Almost two years have passed since Ex-President and Ex-Secretary of the OAS, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez returned voluntarily to Costa Rica. To date, no formal accusation has been brought against him. This is even more incomprehensible if one remembers that at the time many were loudly calling for his immediate presence in  his country.

A lot has changed in his life since October 2004. After resigning from the most important international post ever held by a Costa Rican, he had to move to another home and relinquish numerous plans for the future.

In his new book, Di La Cara, una Batalla por el Estado de Derecho (I Faced the Issues - a Battle for the Rule of Law), he provides full details of this personal and family odyssey. This book was published by the prestigious Editorial Planeta and launched publicly on Tuesday, September 19th at the Colegio de Abogados (Costa Rican Bar Association).  Comments were provided by the well-known Peruvian journalist and attorney Enrique Ghersi, widely recognized as co-author of the bestseller "El Otro Sendero" together with Hernando de Soto and Mario Ghibellini. A former congressman from his country as well, Enrique Ghersi is a columnist in various communications media, Peruvian correspondent for the journal "Reason" (California), and Chaired Professor in the School of Law and Political Sciences, as well as the Graduate School, at the Universidad de Lima, Chaired Professor of the Social Sciences Department at Universidad del Pacífico, and Visiting Professor at Universidad Francisco Marroquín (Guatemala), among many other prestigious professional activities.

Rodríguez’ book tells us the story of a man that decides to face the issues, who decides to say, “Here I am”, regardless of the consequences, and who, as a result, has had to run a gauntlet of misfortunes seeking a fair trial, overcoming violations of due process and human rights that he has been subjected too since his return on October 15th, 2004.

Thus, the events narrated in this book transcend what is purely individual, since, as the author puts it so well: “What is at risk here is not just my personal destiny and the future of my family. It is something much more important. What is at risk here is the Imperium of the Rule of Law in Costa Rica.”

Di La Cara is 267 pages long and is divided into 6 chapters that are both simple and easy to read and understand. Roving through these pages one gets a broader panorama of why Ex-President Miguel Ángel Rodríguez made the decision to return voluntarily to his homeland to face the justice system, and to go through the difficult process that he has had to bear with limited and frequently unduly restricted freedom, including 5 months in a prison cell.

The book may be purchased in the country’s major bookstores: Internacional, Universal, Lehmann, Agencia de Publicaciones. The price: approximately 9,400 colons.


-    "I was shocked as I watched on television the way the Costa Rican police handcuffed Miguel Ángel Rodríguez on his way down the stairs from the plane that brought him back to San José. Was this humiliation necessary for a man returning voluntarily to his country to face the courts? "
Carlos Alberto Montaner

-    “We have subjected Miguel Ángel to a moral, spiritual, and physical lynching. If I were his lawyer, I would request, right from the start, that any and all trials against him be annulled. Furthermore, because of this torture, he has been reduced to the most humiliating condition of any ex-president in our country’s history.”
José León Sánchez