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Here is a copy of the information published by the daily newspaper on November 21, 2008, in relation with the Courts decision to lift all preventive measures against former Costa Rica's President, Miguel Angel Rodriguez:

A judge has removed preventive measures of having to sign in every 15 days at the Tribunales de Justicia and be not leave the country, against former Costa Rican president, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez (1998-2002).

The preventive measures were placed against the former president as he is being investigated for his role in the ICE-Alcatel case.

The order was signed Nuria Villalobos Solano after she found no basis to maintain the preventive measures against Rodríguez.

Rodríguez was detained at the airport when he voluntarily returned to Costa Rica, placed in jail for months, then ordered under house arrest and finally was able to move freely as long as he didn't leave the country and signed in every 15 days, while the Fiscalia builds its case of corruption for receiving a commission on the Alcatel GSM network contract.

Eight others are also accused in the case.

Judge Villalobos said that the judges who placed the preventive measures contradicted themselves in the original order.

"It is an incredible sensation for at last I have the same rights as everyone else. I have to suffer with restrictions for more than four years, restrictions that made no sense, as everyone knows I came back voluntarily to face the Tribunals. The restrictions caused me great injury, including being jailed unjustifiably, my ability to move about to earn a living, my international image and my image in the country, obstacles to see my family and friends and many other things", said Rodríguez after learning of the lifting of the restrictions.

Rodríguez added, "The judges have been gradually giving us the reason. And what makes for a very simple reason: because we are right. After a long fight for a fair trial, being heard and that will weigh the arguments for their legal value, and not in the midst of pressures and media scandals, finally begins the justice. I will continue fighting."

The former president has maintained all along that he innocent and that he is the subject of a witch hunt by judicial authorities, who have trampled his rights over and over.